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Legislation Passed By Congress

Bills that became federal laws when they were voted upon in Congress. This page is to serve as a sort of digital legal library. An easy access for Congresspeople, citizens, and even the Monarch to reference back to the Constitution or previous laws when writing a new bill. It also gives people looking more into our country an insight on our culture and politics.

4-30-21: Holiday Act - Created national holidays and the first national holiday, King's Day.

3-27-21: Department of Investigation Act - Created the DoI, essentially the spy service of the country.

3-18-21: Internet Union Joining Oflen Proposal and Amendment - Makes the Internet Union a colony of Oflen, established the legal status of a viceroy.

2-25-21: Executive Departments Act - Established the process of making new executive departments, and created DoPaLM and DoD

2-11-21: The Constitution of the Kingdom of Oflen - Founded the country, stating the basic rights and laws of the land.