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Explaining the government of Oflen.

This page will tell you everything you need to know about how our Oflenian government functions. It explains each role in-depth, filling you in on what positions has which abilities and powers within our executive and legislative systems.


Holder of Postition: King Walker

Our monarch is currently a King. His job is to rule the nation and be the main diplomat and negotiator for it. He manages the growth of the nation and defends it from threats, internal and external. He appoints people in Congress, but to avoid tyranny, is not allowed to remove them from it. He may introduce a law to Congress, but he has no say in any legislative vote.


Holder of Position: Various people appointed by the Monarch.

There are four congresspeople in Congress currently serving. The main function of our Congress is the same of every other legislative body; to pass laws and amendments. The members of our Congress can vote yes or no on a bill or abstain from voting. Congress is an instance of direct voting with no tricks involved. If a bill get majority support, it's final. Our Congress also has the ability to eject members from it's congregation.