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History of the Kingdom of Oflen


Walker, the King of Oflen, had once before tried start a new nation in 2018. It was under the same name of Oflen. The name "Oflen" was generated by random country generator the king found on the internet. However the constitution of that protype-nation wasn't very good, and it was never had a proper government structure.

Writing the Current Constitution

The king had been thinking about making a nation for a long time. On January 30th, 2021, he began writing the Constitution. On January 31st, 2021, he finished the constitution.

Ratification of the Constitution

He had hoped to start getting signatures on Monday, Febuary 1st, he wasn't able to until Febuary 3rd. That day, the first three Congresspeople, Kale, Tanner, and A.P., joined and signed the Constitution. The next day more joined. Even though some joined as just citizens, they still had value to the governmental process. Reid was very helpful in trying to find flaws in the Constitution. The king concluded that the constitution should be ratified soon, and it was on 2/11/21.

Founding of the Loyalist Party

On 2/5, Congressperson Mark threatened to overthrow and assasinate the King. That is when the king realised he needed a loyal base of Congresspeople he could count on to stop this from happening. On 2/9, he wrote the founding paper for the Loyalist Party, and the papers for Mark's expulsion. The first thing passed through Congress was Mark's expulsion. It was enforced as of 2/13/21. Mark, angry about this, formed his own country of J.P. They are our sworn enemy.

Since Then

The Executive Department Act passed on 2/25/21 becoming the first law passed. It made the king is secretary of DoPaLM. Congressperson Kale is secretary of the DoD. On 3/7/21, The king made our motto "Ut confortemini se" which means "May we always be strong!" On the same day, he also made the flag and started the merger between Oflen and the Internet Union vote. On 3/10, the vote was settled, merger will move forward. On 3/14, the merger proposal terms were written, ready for Oflen Congress. Passed 3/19/21. Department of Investigation Act passed on 3/27/21.