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FAQ about the Kingdom!

Question: Is Oflen a real country?
Answer: Yes! We have a real government that is constantly improving, real citizens, and real land! We are a sovereign nation that enacts it's own laws.

Question: Is Oflen a real place?
Answer: Actually, we are currently ruling over two pieces of land. Twice the real...

Question: Did Oflen secede from the United States?
Answer: No, we are a sovereign nation using our right to self-determination. We recognize the USA's authority, though. We are their friends!

Question: Are y'all "Sovereign Citizens?"
Answer: Definitely no. All citizens of Oflen are also citizens of the USA or their native country.

Question: How can I become a citizen of Oflen?
Answer: You can't (yet). Currently all citizens are people the King knows personally or over the internet. We are working on it, though!

Question: You say you enact your own laws. What are they?
Answer: Great question. To see our laws please our Legislation page. There you can see the laws passed through our Congress.