Places I Want To Visit Someday.

Written on March 31st, 2023.

For a person with no source of monetary income as of right now, I sure do dream of going to a lot of places. Here are some of them:

I would really like to take a gigantic roadtrip to the very top of Alaska. All the way to Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay. That's an oil mining settlement with a permanent population of 25. Traveling there by car requires going up the Dalton Highway, a very remote section of road. Like, only one gas station in the middle of it. 414 miles of pure cold. I would probably take a buddy with me. If I am to do this one day, I better be saving up. The fuel expense would be immense. I live a bit short of 5,000 miles away. That's one-way. Imagine putting 10,000 miles on your car in a short time. My truck would probably break down on the Dalton Highway and I would freeze to death. Would be totally worth it though, just to see the beauty of Alaska.

A roadtrip that might be a little more realistic, now. Only a little short of 2,000 miles away from Las Vegas, and a much more do-able travel time. I've already been to Las Vegas, but I didn't much care for the actual city part because I am not 21, and therefore couldn't get wasted or high or lose all of my money gambling. I would either stay at a really expensive casino, or camp outside of the city. Leaning toward camping since I already did the casino thing. That's not all I would have in store for this trip, however. After I have messed around Las Vegas sufficiently, I would drive 10 hours north to Jarbidge, Nevada. Driving through remote desert all the way. You actually have to go to Idaho, and then head back south to reach this place. It's like a modern frontier town. I would go offroading, hunting, hiking, and stuff like that. On the way there, my truck would probably overheat, and then I would as well.

Last roadtrip idea. Route 66 roadtrip. That's all that needs to be said. Not really sure what the game plan would be.

Trip to Provincetown on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Probably fly in from Boston. See the nature, hike and stuff. See historical things. And uh... do the other things Provincetown is known for...

Book a flight to Cuba, somehow. Would want to go chill on the beach, and get a wicked tan. Get a qt 3.14 Cuban gf. Buy some cigars, and other merchandise. Travel around using the antique taxis. Figure out how to smuggle one of the antique taxis back to the United States. But honestly, the main reason I want to go is to see how everything works there. See how the political situation affects how people live.

I do really want to go to the UK one day. Ideally, I want to make my visit worthwhile by staying atleast a few weeks. See all the typical tourist things. Go to a castle or something. But the UK also has a lot of things that I like, specifically. I would get to indulge in my hobbys a bit. Ride on the Talyllyn Railway. Go racing at Brands Hatch, or tour an auto factory. Get some custom made shoes. Make my British accent the dominant voice (I have different voices sometimes. A southern US accent [live there], a British accent [watched too much Top Gear], and a midwest US accent [no clue how I got that one]). Maybe also go to France just to say I have.

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