Three Reasons You Might Not Like Big Cities (Specifically Las Vegas.)

Written on November 27th, 2021.

I can be considered something rural country bumpkin. We have pet chickens, some of them stay in our house. I live in a red state, in a small community. We live near a beach, so we have that for us. For our Thanksgiving vacation, I could've chosen from the US Virgin Islands, or Las Vegas. Since we live near a beach, I wanted to try a different environment. Mountains instead of a beach. I chose Las Vegas. While I did enjoy Las Vegas, here are some things to consider.

1) You are either being scammed or someone is trying to scam you. My mom warned me about the people who try to sell you stuff. They hand you stuff, explaining that said stuff is "samples" or a free trial. They then try to sell you you more stuff. What she didn't know was the pure amount of people who trying to get you to buy something, or do go somewhere was suprisingly more than even my mom expected. They call themselves "promoters." They can promote themselves away the fuck from me! Even if you aren't being bombarded by masses of people, a city will find a way. Stuff is definitely priced at a premium in a population center. But you are just someone who is visiting from somewhere, so pay $30 for this cheeseburger, fool. If you aren't directly buying something, even something as simple as using a fridge in a hotel room can get you charged hundreds of dollars. Yes, the hotel I stayed at had sensors inside the fridges that detect if you open the fridge. The casino must be getting negative press because of this, because the actual hotel staff told us not to open the fridge. That's kind of sad.

2) Transportation can be kind of a pain if you are dumb like me. The streets of Las Vegas have some crazy drivers. And that doesn't excuse all the taxis and the Ubers and the Lyfts either. Everyone drives crazy. You know the stereotypes of New York City having constantly backed up traffic (i.e Forrest Gump)? It really is like that. Everytime I turned on the local news, the traffic report showed massive blockups. Not to mention all the crashes either. And the roads there really suck there too. Infrastructure can't hold up to hundreds of thousands cars traveling on the same road every day. So instead of taking the sometimes sketchy ridehshare apps, we decided to get a day pass for The Deuce, the bus that travels up and down The Strip. If you are like us, having no public transportation experience what-so-ever, than it can be a little troublesome. I will say that is our fault. What isn't our fault is the suspicious-looking yellow liquid. Trying to find the right bus stop without a map involves lots of walking. Speaking of walking, prepared to do a lot of it. My highest step count ever was counted on my vacation. Over 20,000 steps. I actually viewed this as a good way of getting my steps in. Just be warned, my feet still hurt a couple of days afterwards.

And finally, one that is specific to Las Vegas: 3) If you are under 21, you can't do the things that Las Vegas is most known for. You can't blow your money at the casinos. And trust me, you are reminded a lot that you are in Las Vegas. There is basically ways to gamble at most places that you visit. I thought it was crazy that there were machines at the airport. Every area of the airport, there are the money blowing levers and lights. Whether or not you believe that kids should be able to more things, you can't deny that it takes away much of the Las Vegas experience if you can't gamble. It is what the whole cities identity is built upon. Also you can't 420blazeit either. If you know, you are into that sort of thing.
I still enjoyed my vacation, but I have some advice. Do some of the activities outside of town. Even off The Strip is good, if you can do that.

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