first document.odt: My Foray Into Linux!

Written on April 10th, 2022.

I've bought a nice computer! It was worth the wait for the shipping! But I was a little lazy, and had forgotten to buy a wifi adapter. So I had to wait a little bit for one (a nice one with two antennae) to be shipped to me. In the meantime, I had a computer with no internet. So I decided to introduce myself to the software of Ubuntu. I had already used GIMP before, so that didn't intrigue me all that much. I was more interested in the office suite, LibreOffice. To celebrate the occasion, I tested LibreOffice out by making a document documenting (pun intended) my experiences so far with the Ubuntu operating system. Here it is in its entirety:

"This is my first document of my usage of Ubuntu. Isn’t that neat? This computer was a steal, at $150 bucks. How could I pass that up?

It is currently April 4th, at 10:05pm. That translates to 22:05 military time. Something the computer kept up with somehow over being shipped. That’s neat.

My first impressions of Ubuntu is that it looks cooler than initially thought. My first ventures into GNU/Linux was with Linux Mint, on my crappy laptop. Said laptop is being replaced by this mega cool desktop tower. Anyways, I liked the look of that operating system a lot. I thought I would ride and die with Mint. Always sorta thought that Ubuntu looked ugly in screenshots. But logging into this PC changing my mind. But I think this might have something to do with the fact that it’s Ubuntu Pro Series. That’s what it said when I boot this machine up. Must be a different package?

Currently fucking around in the office software since I don’t have a WiFi adapter for this yet. But that’s OK. It gives me more time to mess around with the features that don’t require online capability. LibreOffice Writer seems cool. My computer setup has went from to terrible to respectable. One thing is for sure, and it is that I have less desk space. The tower is really big. I placed my setup in front of a window. Needless to say, with this desktop and monitor, I’m never seeing the sun again. The one fault of this so far is the fault of my own. This keyboard (SteelSeries Apex 3) isn't the greatest. The keys are wobbly. Typing this is actually making my fingers hurt. This is soon to change. Gonna get a Unicomp New Model M. Or something. Literally most things are better than rubber domes.

Setting this up made me feel really stupid. Kept plugging my monitor into the wrong HDMI port.

Shout out to mace (scarbyte) for being really cool and doing this for me. I very much appreciate it!"

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