Christmas Day: Merry Christmas! 🎁

Dec. 18th: New blog post.

Dec. 14th: New blog post.

Nov. 27th: Added a micro-vlog to my Videos. Added a new page to Writings.

Nov. 26th: New blog post with pictures.

Nov. 9th: New blog post.

Oct. 23rd: New blog post.

Oct. 10th: Introduced the new Writings Section.

Sep. 19th: Got me a domain name now! It's only a little glitchy... New blog post!

Aug. 28th: New blog post. Updated the pets page.

Aug. 15th: New blog post.

Aug. 13th: New blog post.

Jul. 30th: New blog post.

Jul. 24th: New blog post.

Jul. 23rd: New wall of text blog post. Updated the pets page a little bit, but I have more stuff to add eventually.

Jul. 22nd: New blog post

Jul. 6th: Updated a dream on the dream page.

Jul. 5th: New dream on the dream page. Site-wide font change to Courier. Rearranged and added stuff to the about page a little.

Jul. 1st: New blog post.

Jun. 14th: Vacay blog post

Jun. 4th: Blog post that is new.

Jun. 1st: New blog post. Changed the CSS so minutely that you probably can't tell what I did. Oh yeah, and Happy Pride! 🌈🌈🌈

May 24th: New blog post.

May 22nd: Short but sweet new blog post.

May 16th: New blog post.

May 9th: New blog post. Dream 5 added to the dream journal.

Apr. 23th: New blog post

Apr. 12th: new blog post oh my lordy jesus it's a fricken car code red code red

Apr. 11th: New blog post.

Apr. 7th: New blog post.

April Fools: New blog post.

Mar. 26th: New blog post.

Mar. 21st: Blog post with pictures.

Mar. 17th: New dream on the dream page.

Mar. 13th: New blog post with more car pics.

Mar. 11th: New blog post. Updated the about page a little.

Mar. 7th: New entry on the dream journal.

Mar. 5th: New blog post. New thing thrown into the Trashcan, The Blade.

Feb. 28th: New blog post. Plus new images!

Feb. 18th: Two new blog posts.

Feb. 15th: Blog post.

Feb. 8th: Blog post.

Feb. 7th: New site design! Made this updates section too. Made the pets page look way better.