The Infantry

Shoe collection


Brazos (Academy Sports) Crazy Horse II boots

AKA very cheap boots. First boots. In my daily rotation.

Rothco GI Type Combat Boots

Bought these way too big. Kept breaking shoelaces trying to tighten them. Bought nice shoelaces, insole. Still too big. No longer in my daily rotation.

Double H Grissom boots

Got these really nice boots on clearance. Rockin' the transmission fluid stain on the left boot! In my daily rotation.


DSI marching band shoes

These lasted two school years of marching. Literally holes in the soles. Check out the pics, these are punk af.

Dexter Tassle Loafers

My neighbor gave me these. The company that made these no longer exists. He has bigger feet than I do, so they are very loose on my feet. I want to set them to a cobbler and get them redone someday. Wanna make 'em my house slippers.

Nike Blazers (Animal Instinct colorway)

Got these for my birthday. Even a whole size up from my actual size, these are impossible to put on. Don't think I will get more Blazers. Shoes used for vacations, special events, and when I run out of boot socks.

Nike Air Winflo 9

My running shoes after I gave away some Skechers. I like these.