The Battle Plans


Nightmare 1

In this dream I am a young kid. 4-6 years old. I'm playing hide and seek with two of my cousins [who in real life i haven't seen in a very long time :( ]. They are alot older than me, so from my point of view, they are giant. But also in this dream, they are like, evil for some reason? They have evil smiles. I'm running through the corridors of their house with them chasing me. At the end of one of these hallways is an empty room, with a closet. They are gaining on me, but dont see me, so I need to get into that closet to hide. I make it into the room and halfway to the closet when some crazy shit happens. The floor breaks beneath into an empty vortex. Like a black hole. I am falling. As I look to where reality was, above me. The two are just staring at me, falling into nothing. Everytime I have this dream, I wake up with a jolt, and my heart is racing. Idk why, it's not even that scary anymore.

Nightmare 2

I am going to an island in the middle of the ocean. Probably Hawaii, since I want to visit there one day. Anyways, I "touch down" in the plane I'm traveling in. I'm just seeing the sites around the island, and I visit one of the beaches. I meet some friends. Suddenly the clouds get dark and the waters choppy. Someone turns on a weather channel on their phone. The forecaster announces there is a hurricane. Everyone runs for safety/cover. We all die. It seems I'm either forgetting some details or it's dream where you can choose what happens, because I cant remember all that goes down. I'll have to re-dream it for more details.

Dream 1

For context of this dream, I was a big fan of the Berenstain Bears.
In the dream, it was like a family reunion, for some reason. Me and the Bears having a get-together at a resturant. Except it's a really bad one. Fast food, pretty sure it was Burger King. So me and Brother Bear (had to look up the name lmfao) find a table while the other bears order the food. We just sit there akwardly, like he didn't remember me (the fictional bear didn't remember me, shocker.) And we eat Burger King, thats how it ends.

Dream 2

I was runnning around outside my house that's in the middle of nowhere, with no light. Then some dude came over to buy my (not really mine yet) car. At night time. For some reason.

Dream 3

It was a road trip. We finally arive at this place we were going too. It was a mountainous area. We explored the whole place. There were even some beaches. And there were some cabins, but all the doors were already open. There weren't a lot of people there. It was starting to get cloudy. Then I woke up.

Dream 4

I was traveling through Russia (or some other heavily wooded foreign place), and it was very snowy. Me and some other people were riding in a car, and we needed to get something. So we stop at Walmart-like supermarket. I remember walking through the furniture section. The bathrooms were disgusting. Me and the group of people left. weird.

Dream 5

That I needed glasses. Went to an optometrist. Picked some out. Maybe this dream is predicting my future? Glasses would definitely be the route I would take, contacts kinda scare me a little.

Dream 6

I had a slight prophecy dream where the mechanic guy that I had talked to on the phone said my truck was ready to be picked up from the shop the next day they are open. Only time time will tell if the prophecy is true! (lol) I hope is, I miss my truck...
UPDATE: The prophecy came true!