The Arsenal

Cool links that range from useful to fun!

GIMP: Image editor

Audacity: Audio editor

OpenShot: Video editor

Visual Code Studio: Code editor

Malwarebytes: Protect your computer

Invidious: No-Google front-end for Youtube. Can download videos.

GifCities: Really cool site to find classic gifs from the Old Web.

Neocities: You are on it.

Gifypet: A make-a-pet. cool.

Windows93: 'OS'

Myspace on Windows93: Myspace. pretty cool. Old school web search! (also a good idea to put your site[s] on here btw)

SwitchBru: Nintendo Switch Browser, cool for webtesting.

EZgif: Makes working with images easier.

Calligraphr: Makes making ttf files easier.

FontSquirrel Webfont Generator: Makes webfont kits for you

Photomosh: Online photo editor. Had cool effects!

FileZilla: Cool client for uploading files to a server (Beware the Adware!)

W3Schools: Cool web-making resource.

CSS Gradient: Friendship ended with images. CSS Gradients are my new friend! (Gradient Maker btw)

Hex Color Tool: Input a color, mess with it. Good for making themes.

HTML Colors from Image: Very useful color finder.

Rapidtables Web Colors: Another useful color finder.

Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller: I use this to make imaginary model train layouts.

7zip: Open .zip and .rar files.

Nexus/Vortex: Mod manager and downloads.

Mod Organizer 2: Mod Manager.

GTA Connected: Play multiple GTA games with multiplayer online.

CPUID HWMonitor: Use this to monitor most things about your computer.