Keeping Oflen connected.™

Welcome to the Oflecomm website! Our company connects the whole nation of Oflen via the internet. We run the webservices for the Kingdom of Oflen and the Discord server that Oflenian congresspeople vote in. We are the first company that founded itself within Oflen's borders, and we are proud of that.

For you to get to know us better, let us answer a few questions in a what/who/where/why format.

We are communications company that focuses specifically on webservices. We run the website of the Kingdom of Oflen and the online presence of The Oflen Post. We are the webmaster, but currently do not host any websites on our own turf. (Thank you NeoCities for hosting us!) We also manage the Discord server so that our congresspeople, King, and citizens can communicate better than without us.

We ourselves are ran by the Department of Population and Land Management (DoPaLM). The secretary of DoPaLM is the leader of Oflen, the King, so he has a lot of direct input on what we do.

We are headquartered within Oflen's capital, Bayou de Walker, which is located in the U.S state of Alabama.

Because for our Kingdom to have a voice, it needs online representation. We feel an obligation to connect people together, and push Oflen into the micronational world stage.