New Way of Voting Considered Failure by King

Written: 5/1/21

A new law was passed within the Oflenian Congress using a new way for congresspeople to vote. This time, instead of the King collecting signatures like previous laws were passed, it was instead hosted within the "Official Kingdom of Oflen" Discord server, that is currently off-limits to the public. The results of the vote however, were not satisfactory. "It was mostly my fault," the King said. "I tried setting up a special channel for Congress to assemble in. But I didn't get the roles correct. The one citizen in the server who has no political job was able to vote on the law, and that was definitely not my intention." The one citizens vote will not count in the official tally of the votes.

The law in question, the Holiday Act, passed with a 1-0 vote on April 30th. The low vote numbers were another fault of holding the vote online. The Holiday Act created the way to create national holidays, and the nation's first holiday, King's Day. King's Day celebrates the birthday of the King on April 25th every year. "Unfortunate that we couldn't get the law passed on my birthday," the King said. "But hey, look forward to next year!"