Created 12/31/22


There is like three people that are into me or that I am into. Weird situation, don't really know what to do.


Mostly just been playing video ganes for the past month. New and old. I got a Wii for free, and looking for games.


We have a bee hive now. That's cool. Went to dinner and accidentally drank somebody else's drink. Got a flat tire after in the parking lot. A lot of people helped out. That's nice.


I have decided I am not going to college this year. Not financially viable. Oops.


My friend has been in town and it has had high highs and low lows. I got a 1440p monitor as a graduation present. I rediscovered my grandfather's model trains, so I'm totally making a little set up for it. Might make a video about it.


I turned 18 like a month ago. My mom fell at a concert and broke the top of her femur. She got out of the hospital fast. This requires me to help out way more than usual. Getting into lots of yelling arguments. My family is in town. One of my cousins just puked in the car. Everyone and everything seems to be puking. I am still unemployed. I have not filled out all of my college things. I am fucking stressed!!!!!!! sorry that I haven;t been very active in the neocity recently.


I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, so I figure I might as well type a blog post while the sun rises. I feel really bad right now. The weekend was really stressful for me. I didn't get any of the things I wanted to get done done. And the things that I did do, I really made them more complicated and/or worse. Got really mad, cursed out myself and my computer, took a brief walk, and then I lost my phone too. Instead of listening to my phone to go to sleep, I used my Nintendo Switch. I just feel really useless.


Went to prom yesterday. I wore my boots, and borrowed a pinstriped suit from my neighbor. Clip-on tie finished the deal. Looked dapper af, stood out in the crowd. When the DJs played Footloose I busted out some sweet moves. On the way home I saw some dudes who driven off the road and went into the ditch. I tried to help, but really couldn't do anything because I didn't have a tow strap or anything. Going to be recognized for wrestling today. Working on my college scholarships and stuff.


I got another pair of boots and I've been trying to break them in. I have a few days off so hopefully I can get some stuff I've been wanting to do done. Fix my truck, figure out employment. Maybe even work on my website a little. *shocked face*


Oopsies, I kinda skipped New Year. oops. Lemme fill you in on the comfy lore you missed out on.
Since the New Year, I've been playing a lots of games on my computer. Mainly BeamNG Drive and RDR2. When I'm not playing games, I was wrestling. But I quit the team yesterday, as there wasn't much of the season left. Now everyone is quitting the team. I've been stressed out recently because I haven't gotten all my college stuff done. Gonna get it done this weekend or it will be too late. Upgraded to Windows 11. And as of five minutes ago, I got home from the store with a pair of leather boots, whick is apparently my newest expensive hobby. This year is going mostly okay so far.