Created 12/31/21


Yesterday I bought an old smoking pipe from an antique store. It was only $15 bucks, which I couldn't pass up. And yesterday I was typing in the chat of a livestream and the youtuber read my comment. Nice!
The Unicomp keyboard I ordered is finally shipping. I am starting to dislike this rubber dome SteelSeries board again.


Doing a lot of computer setting up things recently. Did a hard drive swap for the first time after the one that came with the computer had signs that it was going to crap out. Sucks downgrading from 1tb drive to a 500gb one, but I got the "new" (read: used) drive for cheap. And I got to play the classic game of "Try a new Linux distro." Now I am using Linux Mint. After a day or so I finally got it working. Happy with my rapidly expanding computer setup.


Just bought myself a Unicomp keyboard. I am so excited to have a keyboard built for me. I'm going to give my mom my SteelSeries rubber dome board, as it is an upgrade for her too.


I don't have any more school to do, yayyyy. Got a summer full of things I want/need to do. pumped! Still don't know if i'm gonna get a summer job, leaning on probably not.


Had the gay-ish dinner. We sat outside and it was really nice. We talked for like two hours. It was great. Got a hug in. Still gotta download Minecraft.


I had a good Friday. A few days ago I asked the dude I like to a "two-person birthday party" and he said he is thinking about it but he has to check his work schedule. I so hope that he is available, I would love to go to dinner with him. I've been trying to do such for a little bit. This might be it, at least I hope! And he asked if I would like to play Minecraft with him. W! (It might be silly sounding but I am genuinely excited.) I definitely have to get Minecraft now...


This computer defintely does what I need it to do. I've got 27 hours in GTA IV. GTA IV is a pretty good game, if you didn't know. Nothing graphics intensive, but I didn't want anything crazy anyways. I'll upgrade stuff in the future. First computer I've ever had that has two drives. I added the second one. I feel cool. 1.5 TB of storage. Both Windows and Ubuntu.
Bought a used Xbox 360 controller and it's fucked, so I'm gonna have to return it to the same store. Can't win 'em all.


The beginning of my spring break. That (obviously) means that I won't have school. It's nice having lots of free time, but I also won't see my friends much, if at all. I guess I'll see how it turns out. Gonna try to add more content to the site over the break.


Woo boy, this day was nuts. My boys (lunch table clique) and I were fixin' to fight another bunch of guys. They kept throwing their garbage at us! Then later, some people started whispering behind my back about how rude and terrible I am. Maybe I do have those qualities, but there is no need to start cursing at me. The person I like is gonna be out of town on a school-santioned road trip to Universal Studios Orlando, and some of the people I'm having beef with right now are also going on the same trip. I'm paranoid about that as I'll get out.


Trying to be in a relationship is hard! The person I like doesn't have time to hang out with me. Screaming! But the feeling is mutual.
Finally uploaded a file that I've been working forever. Feels good.


Happy Twosday! Today was our College Fair Day. I already knew I wanted to go to Auburn, but I found a new one that I hadn't considered before (Montevallo). I'm excited. Now I just need to figure out what I want to do with my life...


my school had a gun threat/rumour today. soft lockdown time! fun.

2/14 (Valentines Day)

my valentines day has really sucked, and will probably continue to suck. i gave someone a valentines day present, to lukewarm reception. that bummed me out a little. but then teachers kept nagging me over shit, over stuff that really doesn't matter. ok not a good day, but maybe salvagable. then over the day it just got to the point that where my friends couldn't even cheer me up, which is rare tbh. it's also very easy to tell if im angry, apparently. left school totally pissed. on the way home i saw some cool cars for sale, and i talked to the guy selling them. that was nice. (but i have no chance of buying them lol.) overall nothing has really went my way today. these last through days have been rough! i should stop grumbling... i don't deserve the oppurtunity.


saved a cardinal bird from cat and puked like a decorative water feature today. very good.


This week has basically been a week off for my me. I've only been to school physically once! School closed today, because it's too cold. I'm glad they did. It's not anything too crazy, but it is really cold. My truck also works again, but with a few bugs. Overall a good week.


it was one of my teachers birthday, and i popped one of the balloons while were singing happy birthday. it was very loud.
saw a bentley today. it was cool.


I had a bad day. I dislike being thrown under the emotional bus. But it's okay. Jim Croce, the Everly Brothers, and the Cactus Blossoms cheered me up. TGIF tomorrow.


Setting up the page for next years blog. Happy New Years Eve peeps!