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I got a 68/100 on my math midterm, kind of yikes but not that big of a deal. at lunch took a shot of a hot sauce that was 7.1 million Scovilles hot. i took the most of the sauce of anybody, it took up the whole tortilla chip. pro tip: that was a bad idea. but im not one to refuse a challenge like that. i didn't even know what kind of hot sauce it was. Long story short I ended up puking into a trash can lmfao. multiple times. when i came back to the lunch table, everyone was crowding around the hot sauce bottle. as usual, i'm the one to start the trend.


We got onto a tour bus at 6:30 in the morning to go check out the Grand Canyon (West) and the Hoover Dam. Dolan Springs in Arizona looks like such an interesting place. I wish we could have stopped here, but we went straight through it. Might have to visit again in the future.
The ride up to the canyon was beautiful. The first gift shop. Eagle Point was neat, learned about the Hualapei Native American tribe, who run the place. I tripped on a rock. Thankfully, I didn't do that near a cliff, that would've been very bad. At Guano Point, I climbed up and around place that someone who was wearing sandals probably shouldn't have been doing. A little scary, but an amazing view and great experience. Makes me want to do some more Teddy Roosevelt-esque stuff. Then we traveled back to the Hoover Dam. Walked and ran across the Memorial Bridge.
IMG: canyon pic one canyon pic two


Today we planned on going to the Shelby Heriatage Center. But then, again, we didn't use maps again for some reason. So instead we headed towards the Fremont Street Experience. We went to world famous Heart Attack Grill, where if you don't finish your meal you get spanked (interesting theme there!). I finished my Double Bypass burger with fries and a milkshake, but I got spanked anyways. Our nurse (read: waitress) said I had quote-on-quote "junk in the trunk" which was was kind of a confidence booster, lol. But then we got ambushed by all the "promoters", that's what they like to call themselves, and they were assholes. Trying to find a bus back was hell.
Once we found one, we rode around The Strip, looking at all the wacky(tacky) things. Then we noticed that we were actually near the Shelby Heritage Center. We got off a stop too late, and walked half a mile to get there. Totally worth all the bullshit, as it was the place I wanted to go. Got some shirts and a decal.
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Landed in Las Vegas today, it was initially fun. It got less fun over the day.
First activity we did was Zak Bagans' haunted musuem. Wasn't my idea, my mom is into paranormal stuff. Think of it as a real life Grunkle Stan Mystery Shack. Most of the rooms were intriguing, but some of them were duds. It didn't live up to my mom's expectations. I give it a 7 out of 10.
Later we got back to the casino, I mean hotel, and we hadn't eaten so I picked out a restuarant. My mom, having had a few Trulys, fell for a makeup promotion. I tried finding the restuarant I chose, but ending up walking in circles. Partly due to being a little sleep deprived, mostly because I had been told not to bring a map. Very frustrating. Not a good start to the vacation.


hell0 citizens of the internet, sorry if it seems like i am around less. school and my truck have taken over a lot of my time. now that marching band season is over, i probably will update and communicate more than i have.
speaking of my truck, i'm making it sleep out on the couch. lol. i've been trying to fix a fuckin lightbulb for more than a week. guess which one?? the speedometer bulb. makes it really hard to see at night. it is fuckin wonderful. gonna have to buy a new bulb socket. also i acquired a fender. my truck is (was) blue and i got a red fender. and it has a pinstripe that adds +50 HP. my truck will end up looking like an art project. all the things that i have done so far have been repairs and not mods, which is really frustrating. i kinda wanted to be going vroom vroom by now. instead i have a mounting pile of parts adding up. but i know i'm going to get my exhaust done soon.


man this week kinda sucked so far. summarized by me being frustrated by truck (specifically the radio), misunderstandings, and one of my crushes being interested in other people. my teeth hurt from grinding them. it's not all doomscrolling though! my friend helped me out a lot dealing with this stuff. she made me be positive. plus i have some nice new truck parts to install (if i can!). i'm writing this post at the very beginning of today, so hopefully Saturday is really good.


Bought me a cool .net domain name. I feel kinda cool now.
We bought back our families old electric typewriter. I just recently have gotten into them. I've always thought that they were cool, and my mom said that I should call some local thrift stores. We decided on the one that we knew had some of my grandpa and grandmas stuff went after their passing, ya know, just to see their stuff again. The store had one, a Sears The Graduate (with correction). So we went there, tested it out. It wasn't working very well, so the nice old man working at the counter gave it to us for free. Only later did my mom make the connection that it was our typewriter. She remembers playing with it as a kid in the late 70s/early 80s. When I was walking out of the store with it the case felt recognizable. It took me a bit to remember why. I was the one who packed it into a box! Researching the model on the internet did not yield many results. The ribbon is gone, none of the characters on the keyboard hit the platen without me manually moving the hammers to it, the shift key doesn't appear to work, and the power tab doesn't work. Hopefully me alone will be able to fix it, because typewriter shops don't really exist anymore. If I can't get this one to work, I guess I'll have to scour the state for more typewriters!


i recently discovered that i probably have OCD. that's fun! i've been dealing with the obsession-compulsion thing for a few years, but only now have put a name to it. doing that was helpful, but it also makes it hurt more when i act upon what my brain is trying to make me do. it stresses me out! i think all the stressful things that have happened to me during the last two years has exacerbated it. and to top it all off, i don't really have anyone available to talk about it with. i would be socially ostracized from the small amount of friends that i have, and my mom brushes the topic off, willingly or unwillingly, i don't know. a shit sandwich i'm stuck in the middle of...
hurricane ida quickly approaches, and we still don't know what we are gonna do!


my real last day of work was yesterday. i had actually quit last week but someone from work had to go to funeral and it was one of my favorite coworkers so I decided to help out. it turned out to be the worst day of working there. i had been feeling bad all day. we got a 15-item to-go order (food place) and we weren't able to give them what they wanted in time. first refund the store has given out, $75 worth. my coworker that also goes to school with me got totally pissed at me. we patched it up though. today i'm in 'neutral' emotion. listening to good vibe music is helping, though!
aligned my truck's headlights, finally. maybe I'll actually be able to see at night now.


the first week of school is over. it feels so weird to be a junior in high school.


last day of band camp. todays dress up competition was tv/movies, so the brass section (the one im in) dressed up as spongebob and DIY'd our costumes. Looked very cursed. we won. i was mr. krabs with some red face paint, completing the character with boxing gloves. if it had been an individual competition and not a team one, i would've won. it was worth it wearing jeans in a heat warning!


today i taste tested bean water as a dare, nearly puked, then took the challenge of drinking liquid soap as a dare. worst challenges i have ever taken anyone up on. the bean water from a can is worse, by a long shot. sure, the soap stings your tongue alot, but bean water is so terrible that i'm still shuddering about it and probably won't eat black beans for a very long time. bean water is very traumatizing...


i had a good day at marching band camp today (aka school). i'm usually not the type of person that has real good days, usually i'm the type of person that just goes through the motions. (that sounds depressing now that i'm actually typing it out, woops). compared to the other days of band camp, this was the best. i had good conversation with people, had fun playing games, and won the chance to break. that's our award to people who did well at marching/playing/showed initiative. i'm actually the most veteran marcher of our group, since we don't have any seniors in our band yet. i actually started marching in 8th grade, which is not really the norm for our area. i'm getting a little off topic... now to the main thing i was gonna say. i'm the "silent kid in the corner" to nearly everyone at my school. to have a really good day feels good, but also kinda iffy at the same time. like, is the universe trying to set me up for a really bad day? did it make me truly happy for one day, just for it to be stripped away the next? i certainly hope not.
wall of text tl;dr i had a good day.


i actually found an anime i liked. Zombie Land Saga. been binge watching it.
my truck has been in the shop for over a week and im having withdrawals.


my truck got towed for the third time recently. truck did nothing when i tried to start it. sad hours...


'Bout to head to my Florida Keys vacation. Gotta wake up at three in the morning, though. Give me your ki so that I may be able to sleep, lol. It's also gonna be my first time flying, too! (although I don't know how that's gonna work out with the E3 Nintendo Direct tomorrow...)


got my first paycheck yoo


i actually had work today but they didn't send me the schedule. feelsbad


my first day was a little bit sucky. it's not the job's fault. my first probably sucked more than most, as i had a lot of car trouble. locked my keys in my car and when i was able to get in, it was starting but then immediately turning off. also i just might not be cut out for a food preparation job. it pays pretty good though for a first job, and it was only my first day after all. working 31 hours a week, 9 dollars an hour. i'll collect one paycheck (two weeks) and make a decision then. today i got my truck towed from the job's parking lot (my boss probably hates me), went to the bank, and went to the human resources/paycheck place. im tired lol.


i'm employed now. starting training tomorrow.


looking for jobs again, but actually more seriously this time. last time i was, i couldn't even drive myself around. i'm running low on funds, and i need funds to work on my truck, soooooo. turns out buying lots of stuff at napa drains your piggy bank. also it's finals week for me. i only have to take one of my finals though, because i barely met the exemption requirements lmao. not grade-wise, btw, im not dumb.


been working on my truck the whole last week and weekend. haven't been able to really do anything else.
i've been eating less red meat, and eating less in general.


this week sucked a little bit cuz i had a bit of homework and people were a**holes. but everything is a learning experience, and i felt inspired and made a cheesy daily checklist/long-term goal paper. that's currently magneted to my fridge. me and my uncle have been driving around and fixing up my truck. today it's getting tires! we got an aftermarket grille installed. protip: stainless steel doesn't drill into easily. he also just gave me some of his tools. oh my god i think i'm becoming an adult now aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


oh my god i just got my first car (actually more like a truck lmao) at 9:30 o'clock at night. it's gigantic and handles like a boat and looks ugly but i love it! 1987 GMC Suburban (did you know that GMC made Suburbans? I did >:) ) 6.2L Detroit Diesel. it's massive compared to my moms Jeep Renegade. i officially have the oldest thing in the school parking lot. >:)


I have initiated my moms midlife crisis and now she wants a Ford Raptor woops. Also aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I can't wait till I get a car!!!!!!!!!!!


Today we arrived home from our "spring-break vacation" which was only three days of being away from home. Time to ride out the rest of Spring Break like I usually do; being lazy. I feel as if I'm going to explode waiting these final days 'till my 16th birthday.


April Fools! And also the start of (my) spring break. Bright sun shiny day. Went to the dentist and got my teeth cleaned.


Took my third party testing Wednesday and passed so I got my certificate so I can get my Restricted License. clap for me Anyways, I still don't know what my car/truck is gonna be. The Ford Ranger I talked of previously was not mechanically sound enough for a family deal. I've got major car fever. *melts*


"I went to another car show" yesterday. Is going to car shows all I talk about on this blog anymore? anyways, another legit one.
firstgen_corvette silverado cuda340 shelby? thunderbird formulaford satellite
if youve been browsing my neocities profile recently, you've might have seen me working on a new project.


I went to another car show last night. One that's apparently "legit" you know?
impala ss lightning caddy custom flatbed sixthgen ford lambo
Today we went on a fun run with that color powder stuff. Then we got another chicken! A Russian Orloff hen we (I) named Anastasia. I'll post pictures soon!


so today i was working at my schools band competition. me and friends were horseplaying. i got some germ-x dumped in my hair, which if you don't know, isn't good. so i washed my hair in the bathroom sink lol. and i walked by a girl with my wet hair and she said i was suave. a girl actually complemented me! wow.


today we set up our new roku tv. i rediscovered how awesome hulu is!


Yesterday I went to a car show. It was pretty sweet. Today i went to the beach and got tan burned. Also we know for sure what my truck is gonna be. A 2001 Ford Ranger Flareside. I'll make a video whenever it gets here.
69 'stang gto+goat packard custom-f-series impala streetparked-ferrari henryj

2/16 (made while on vacation)


2/15 (made while on vacation)

Today I toured the Wellborn Musclecar Musuem on a tour, then went to the owner's private collection. We were able to do this because a couple that was featured on American Pickers were also touring it. They were major car collectors. I got to sit in a James Bond movie Aston Martin. images below (can't show you all of them!)
roadrunner vanishingpoint daytona hurstolds javelin challenger


So there is a really nice truck on local Facebook Marketplace for ~1k so I might have a truck by tomorrow after school. or its a scam and we're gonna die. fun.


oh god i just took the PreACT and then there was a band practice i didn't remember so i clocked in 10 hours of school today with an ACT test.
also my $60 worth of bitcoin went up to $76! chaotic day
started reading Rave On: The Biography of Buddy Holly. So with my two fun books, also have a school required book (that isn't fun to read), i have three books on my plate now!


tried to use the Matt Foley approach to inspirational speaking by making the other person feel sad about me and then i got sad and started half-crying. good times.


just bought 60 worth of bitcoin today. aka 0.0016 bitcoin


im not a 'bad day' kinda person. they rarely happen to me. but when they do, they're fucking terrible. today was one of those moments. everyone is an annoying turd. shoutout to the one guy who had a good conversation with me. made me feel better.
im gonna start working on a new project tonight. (feels like i say that a lot, doesn't it?)
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of course the first ufc fight i watch is one where mcgregor loses.
just drove a truck for the first time. liked it!


started reading 1984 to figure out whats Orwellian or not. ok thats not really why, but it's a good side-effect. just wanted to read it for a long time.
enjoying it.
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just watched Ford vs. Ferrari for the first time. Had wanted to for a while, but we just got a blu-ray player, so i went ahead grabbed a copy off a shelf. i usually don't watch sports movies, but i loved this one. check it out, yall!