Created 11/24/18 14:02

11/24/18 14:35

the game

12/14/18 22:53

I got Smash Ultimate yesterday, but I can't play it until Christmas. aka, feelsbadman.

12/21/18 13:30

I have a cold, that sucks. But I've been editing this site more than ever before, and I feel happy. Also have been driving my golf kart around my neighborhood

3/11/19 19:00

Hi if anyone sees this! Uhh....

Well, I made personally-comfy lite a couple days ago, i dont know why i didn't make a blog about it. sorry.

just did some minor tweaks to the site. got rid of the x files theme on the index and replaced it with... you probably already know.

3/18/19 19:20

Hiya! So I recently uploaded swf files onto lite. Now its completely unblocked! I will try to do the same with this site (if it will let me do so on free planning) and a little extra...


right after the last one

oh yeah i also am using joppiesaus's scrollbars now. they are so neat!

3/19/you know

most games pages are done. mind the construction


ARE YOU HECKING KIDDING ME only allows one like button per page!







3/31/19 21:00

new style n' sidebars

I've been playing a game called 'Idle Knife' on my phone, its great.


it was my birthday a couple days ago.
On Earth Day we had a 'festival' and was giving out free books.


Yeah I think I'm just gonna get rid of the sidebars. They are just so 'ugly!'


Our neighbors shaved our dogs for no apparent reason

FoR fReE




penny's club fun
also 😒


forgot what i was gonna say


it was a sunny day today
i've just been shootinjg hoops and walking since the beginning of summer
really excited for e3.




We got a weight bench and a dumbell
living the normie life now bois.

I was laying in bed, and i thought of something
I hate and love sleep
It's a waste of time, and i dont want to go to sleep, but,
it also gives me something to do??


joined the live chat box bandwagon


got a haircut so im not as ugly anymore


Happy 5th of July everybody...


Something washed up on our 'beach' (boat ramp)
[click on this to see it, its kind of sad]
A duck skull.
how did this happen
rip duck😢


got new computer chair after the last one broke

7/25/19 2:38pm

a guy swam across the river i live nearby.
there is a police boat
and a police car parked in front of my house
there is sheriffs on our boat dock
wtf is going on right now
why does this shit happen to me
There is a guy under a neighbors boathouse
police are trying to get him out from under there
there is a second police car infront of our house
a k9 unit is now at our house
continued again
k9 left
boat left
the guy and three cops are in the yard
couldn't see anything else


bought the og doom on switch for five bucks
its cool

7/31 3 in the morning

omg the hero in smash is broken and also really fun


First full week of high school.
Also i'm gonna start using hr's because im not dumb anymore :)


Holy frick SNK character for smash!!!!


I've been coding for sites alot recently
Yesterday i went to a bookstore to get The Hunger Games for a bookclub...
Ended up getting more than that.
The Hunger Games | Special Edition
World's Worst Weapons by Martin J. Dougherty
World's Worst Cars also by Martin J. Dougherty
and The Shining
I liek to read!
Later that day, I saw a fox in my neighborhood..


Finished reading the Hunger Games triology
Currently reading Christine by Stephen King
Very spooky.
It is halloween, after all.


Today has been very dull.
even having the day off hasn't made this particular monday better.


"Test lmao thanks rssguide"
this makes less sense on html, but check out my rss


ok apparently my parents bought another dog and hardees food this is a good day


I didn't get to dress up as what i wanted (sans)
I think my joycons are broken, or im just losing my ability to play games (honestly it could be both)
I have had a bad week. I seem like im getting dumber. I have felt like my vocabulary is becoming worse
I have been angry at people for no real reason, and vice-versa.
I think the dog my family got hates me
I just got finished reading The Institute by Stephen King
I let a neighbor borrow it.


Terry Bogard is cool guy
And yes, my joycons were broken


i have stories to tell but i think they would make me look like a dick
so even tho i want to, i shouldn't tell you
Pizza Hut is gonna try using circle boxes, isn't that nuts?


Veterans Day, and all I have done today is watch shit on Hulu.
I went to see Doctor Sleep yesterday at the movies.
Different from the book (obv, had to fit the hotel in the movie somehow), but it was still fun to watch, like an alternate timeline from the books.
Not very scary though.
And it didn't go over all the things from the book, but it still had the main points in it.
I give it 8 Horace Derwent's out of ten.

Also got new Stephen King books! :) . Carrie, IT, and Misery


Went on a field trip today! :>


Been reading Misery, it just got really scary.
My room is being reconstructed, and i'll finally have room for a (small) desk, so thats cool.
My computer was using 100% for some reason, and i actually troubleshooted it.
Am I a hacker now? lol


just bought a shit $20 rock candy controller from walmart and the dpad is fucking broke.
have been researching gnu
when i have the money to, i may buy an old laptop and put a modern lightweight os on it.
but i dont have the money rn
Happy ~~thanksgiving~~ Harvest Festival 8)!


Reading It.
Been thinking about making a font based on my handwriting...
But first i need to know how to make a font lol


I made that btw. Link It's nearly Christmas :D! And Exams :(


I gotta little 'christmas sickness' goin on right now.
I felt like absolute shit taking my exams, but i did it.
Merry CHrismas, Merry Crismuzzz.., Merry Chrysler.
One thing on my christmas list is a new smash reveal lol.